Monday, 31 December 2012

Statement Necklaces 2012

1 - Primark
2- Forever 21
3 - Primark
4 - H&M
5 - Forever 21
6 - ZARA

This year I started wearing necklaces so much, I'm normally an earring sort of person so statement necklaces were really scary to me at first! But I'm glad I did start wearing them! This is my collection so far, I'm just waiting on another one from H&M that I've ordered which if you follow me on Instagram you'll see as soon as it hits my doorstep! Some of these necklaces were presents, and the others I bought myself. I haven't worn the bug one yet, I think it needs to go under a buttoned up collar shirt or something. My favourite is still the 'bloggers fave' Primark necklace in picture 3, it's so sparkly and makes a boring old jumper much more interesting!

As I'm writing this post I should probably say what my New Year's Resolution is...okay. Prepare yourselves. I am going to stop buying clothes. YEP. I said it. I was looking in my wardrobe(-s oops!) and they're full of lovely clothes I want to get more wear out of/have not even worn yet! And I really want to save some money up too, so I'm not going to make any unnecessary purchases for a while I decided. I will still post, with clothes that I have tucked away :) and about wishlists I have (they really will be wishlists now!). Wish me luck haha!

Have you got any New Year's Resolutions? Are you a statement necklace fan? :)

Friday, 28 December 2012

My Sale Picks...Miss Selfridge & ASOS

(clickable links)

I've put together a little post of my picks from the two sales I personally think have been the best & still have stock left - ASOS and Miss Selfridge. I bought a couple of things from the ASOS sale which I'm being really impatient about waiting for them to be delivered (sitting by the letterbox...), which I want to include in posts when I get them. The ASOS bow print blouse and playsuit I chose here are both button up collar styles which I'm wearing a lot of at the moment, and I don't think the style will ever go out of fashion. The ballet flats are also ASOS, I like the lace effect of the shoe, and the colour means they could be worn with or without tights, and the gold toe cap adds a little bit of class. 
The beaded shorts are from Miss Selfridge, and would look great with a black blouse or sleeveless top and heels, maybe even with the little sleeveless kimono (also from Miss Selfridge). The kimono would also look great in the summer, over skinny jeans or a dress. The other Miss S piece I chose is this iPad case (even though I don't own one!), it has a sort of Chanel look about it and the cute bow on the front is very girlie and cute.

What have you bought from the sales? Are there any other shops you know of that have any fab deals? :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

This may be a day late but Merry Christmas (MERRY BOXING DAY?!) to all my lovely readers. Despite having a horrible cold, Christmas day was still so lovely this year, and I've decided to share my presents with you all. I've heard people dislike these posts, but reading Twitter, it looks like all the blogging girls I follow seem to like them (as do I!), so I thought I'd get in on a bit of the action!

My mum and dad bought me all sorts of lovely things, I got a blue and gold gem necklace from Zara, the book 'Me Before You' which I am dying to read (ever since I went on holiday I've become some sort of crazed book reader, especially romance stories, so mushy!) and all the pretty bits you can see in the pictures for my room. I love my cat ring holder, as you can see I'm already using it! My grandparents bought me the black Zara bag, we actually bought it in Nottingham a while ago when she and my mum came to visit me and I'm so excited to finally get my hands on it! The gold zips are so beautiful! The beauty bits I got were from my auntie and my cousin. I adore Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, it's always a winning present in my eyes, and I've never tried any Jo Malone products before but this Lip Conditioner is sooo nice, it smells all vanilla-ry and yummy, I know I'll just lick it all off!

I also bought myself a few presents with some money I was given, including a lovely new coat in the ASOS sale which I'm waiting to receive, hoping I like it cause I'm in desperate need of a coat before I wear my black one out completely! I'll definitely blog about it if I do keep it :)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and if you've done any posts like this I'd love to see! :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Back Home

Fur stole - H&M; Top - Zara; Skirt - Olive; Boots - eBay 

Taking a little break away from my hectic dissertation/revision/job research schedule (which is why I haven't posted in sooo long, sorry :(!) to do an outfit post woooooohoo! I have slightly better light at home so as long as outside is relatively bright, so is my room! :)

So happy to be home and reunited with this fur stole. I haven't worn it since I bought it, and then forgot to take it to uni with me, so I've been dying to get home and start wearing it. It's such a lovely colour and I'm going to try and find a nice coat or jacket I can style it with soon. I do quite like wearing it over tops and jumpers though, and it keeps your shoulders and neck super warm! And I'm wearing my Primark Super Cosy Tights which are the best money I've ever spent. They're all fleecey inside and if you haven't bought a pair I recommend you do! They're amazing.

I've put a few pictures at the end of this post of my gorgeous room that my mum has been adding to while I've been away. Would you want to see more 'lifestyle' based pictures on my blog? I'm always picking up little decorations (my mum even more so!) for here and for my uni room and if you'd like to see more posts like this then let me know :) all your feedback is appreciated!

Also, thank you to everyone who has kept reading and following my blog through my little 'break', you're all fab :)

Ps. Sorry about chopping my head, then feet off in my pics, I'm not used to positioning my tripod in my room yet!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Weekly Want No. 3

Haven't done a wishlist in soooo long! So here goes....

1. Zara Printed Blouse with Studs - I bought this last night after finally finding out where it was from! I saw a girl wearing it in a pic on Instagram and she made it look so classy, so I hunted it down and found it in Zara! You can't see from the picture but there are little gold studs on the shoulders :) really hoping the dipped neck isn't too low, not a fan of the boney chest look!

2. Internacionale Charcoal Texture Blazer - This looks sooo much like the River Island grey blazer that I bought but was too big for me so had to return! Really want it to come instore (yes I have already checked haha!) so I can try it on because I really need a grey blazer. I think they go with so much and I'm missing one in my wardrobe after my last one went bobbly through excessive wear! If not, I'll just order off the website as Internacionale often have free deliv! Wooooooo!

3. H&M Peter Pan Beaded Collar - This is now out of stock sadly, but I've seen quite a few kicking around on eBay. I've been looking for a nice collar for ages to wear over my jumpers but haven't found a really nice one yet. I like this one because the white would compliment most fabric shades and I'm a sucker for sparkle! 

4. River Island Cream Cat Face Makeup Bag - Not letting this post go without a cat mention (missing my catties so much while I'm at uni - only 3ish weeks til I see the little rascals now!). I think I might need this makeup bag in my life, IT'S SO CUTE! I told my mum the other day, that there's no way I'm going to grow up out of my animal loving, soft toy loving, anything cute and animal related loving phase, so I'm seriously considering purchasing this little cutie! They also do a dog version, but for me it's aaaaaaaaaaall about the cats!

I've made everything I know is available online into clickable links if you're interested :)

Ps. I have also written a new blog post for Her Campus Nottingham on the best leather sleeved coats on the high street - take a look HERE.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

FINALLY got a camel coat!

 Coat - eBay; Top - Warehouse; Jeans - Internacionale; Boots - eBay

The title says IT ALL! I've been searching for a camel coat since the beginning of time (aka a number of years) and I have never found one at a suitable price/they drowned me cause I really don't suit boyfriend style etc etc etc. But Becky posted about this one in a wishlist and I recognised it as Topshop, but then clicked on it and it was something like £22 (I've linked to a different seller above as the one I bought has now sold out!). So you guessed, with NO HESISTATION....I clicked the purchase button. It's such a cute feminine shape, okay so maybe not fab for properly cold days because it has cropped sleeves, and you can't really wear super bulky things underneath or it doesn't look right, but for a day like today where the weather is kinda mild it's so nice. Also the style and colour are quite timeless, so I saw it as worth it. Will definitely get my 'cost per wear'! Teamed the coat with my lace peplum top and black jeans and boots :) My nails are my new fav combo Barry M Red Black and Yellow Topaz Glitter just on my accent nails!

Sorry this is a quick post-day at uni post (post post post post post), I seem to just rush about these days. Finally got a chance to sit and write something before I restart the dissertation!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I think I might be obsessed..

 Blouse - ZARA; Skirt - Olive; Boots - eBay

Wearing this OLIVE skater skirt again! I love it sooo much, it's so versatile! I wore it to uni today with my fave ZARA dog print blouse and Chelsea boots from eBay. Been waiting on a pair of flat black studded boots from H&M for a while now, but mum text and they've arrived at home finally, just another 2 week wait til I see her again and I will have new booties, yay! 
Got oneeeeeeeeeeee awful cold at the moment, and so much work to do university wise that I haven't had time to take photos in daylight for a while! These ones are again very fuzzy (technical term right there) and I can't wait to get home to be reunited with my floral wallpaper backdrop and decent lighting!
Might do a wishlist post soon as there is sooo much I want at the moment, Christmas wishlist or something. I've decided to get excited for Christmas for once as Christmas Day will be the only day I'll be taking off completely from my work/university work this year! :) 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I Never Wear Green...

 Top - Topshop; Skirt - Olive; Boots - eBay; Nails - Rimmel 60 Seconds in 260 Funtime Fuschia

You can guess from the title what colour I've got on in this blog post, yeaaaah greeeeen! Looking in my wardrobe right now, I have a green dressy dress and a mint green blouse and that is about it! Despite green being a pretty colour (in some shades, not too sure about lime and neons on me!) I just tend to buy grey, cream, navy etc so when I spotted this, I did a naughty impulse buy because I thought the style and the material was sooo nice. It's a Topshop 'peter-pan' style sleeveless top with a lace effect print, which despite the word lace being used to describe, isn't at all see through. It's quite a sturdy material for its price in Topshop too, maybe not so practical for winter but I'll wear it under cardigans and coats and scarves etc, and I suppose it could be worn for nights out too.

I teamed it with a new skirt I bought from Olive (who I was introduced to by reading the beautiful Olivia's blog - you HAVE to read it if you don't already!). I have to rave about this skirt, it was £7 and it is such good material for that money, it's not super flimsy or whatever, in fact it's cheaper than a thinner Primark skirt  that I have, I absolutely LOVE it! I know I'll be able to dress it up or down with so many things and I'm really excited about it, if you hadn't guessed already! I'm tempted to buy it in other colours but I just think the black is so versatile (and I also bought this boucle style skirt too so I'm out of pennies for the moment! Oops!!) But definitely check Olive out, their dresses are absolutely lovely and I keep browsing the knitwear, wishing......!

Ps. awful natural light again, so I did have to switch my light on for these piccies, sorry :(

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


 Coat - Warehouse; Jumper - New Look; Skirt & Shoes - Topshop

Just got in from lectures and while I had a nice bit of light in my room quickly took some piccies for a new outfit post. I seem to be relapsing into my old fave black, grey and white combinations because of the weather, the things the cold does to you hey.
Bought this batwing grey jumper from New Look last week after much deliberation with my mum over which thin jumper would suit me best. I chose this but she chose another style - which I'm taking back! I like this one more because it's a bit longer (I know you can't see that here) and not really tight (hate restricting clothing in the winter!). It's got a gold thread woven into it, making it look a lot more seasonal than other grey jumpers. My coat is my fave Warehouse fur collar coat from last winter which I am going to wear to death, until it starts falling apart :)
Just written a list of clothes I'm going to buy this week, expect many more of these posts soon ;) - I definitely have a problem.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Not so SUN-day

 Top - eBay; Leggings - Topshop; Shoes - Topshop

Oh dear, the weather is just not working for me at the moment! I posted before about the appalling lighting in my student house, well, it's just got worse 'cause of the horrible grey cloudiness outside at the moment, which is why my pictures are horrendously pixelated today! Also, I don't have a DSLR to work with, I really want one though so it's going to take quite a bit of saving up at the moment, so I'm kinda stuck with my point and shoot Fuji thing, but as long as I can keep showing you what I wear I'm happy :).

This top is a dupe of the sought after Wildfox jumper. I saw it on the lovely Becky's blog and reeeeally wanted one cause I like the fact the sleeves are sort of flared at the ends and aren't full length, I think cropped sleeves are way more flattering (I know so on me anyway!). The jumper is a bit thin for winter but you can put a cardi or something on over the top. The version I have has a sort of lurex effect weaved into it making it all pretty and sparkly, kinda reminds me of Christmas, which as much as I love I am so not prepared for and hate thinking about it because it's close to exams and that means I have even more work to do and I can't really enjoy the festivities that much which makes me sad.....phew. Had to get that out my system! I'm not a scrooge though, promise you that!

Look like I'm about to moonwalk in the second picture hahaha.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Owl City (not that one)

Blouse - eBay; Disco Pants - Glamorous; Shoes - Primark

Okay, this is such a fashion blogger post, which I apologise for. Probably wearing the two most blogged about pieces of clothing this year - disco pants and the studded print blouse. The disco pants are by Glamorous, because I haven't yet been able to justify spending £70+ on an American Apparel pair, and these ones are so comfy! I was worried they'd dig in to my tum and be super tight on it, but they're really not. They sit nice AND have a bit of give - I wore them out to dinner and drinks, stuffed my face as much as I could and they still didn't dig therefore they are PERFECT!

The blouse is a Zara dupe I bought off eBay because I didn't manage to get my hands on the leopard/owl original Zara blouse which I was quite sad about (I did manage to get the official Zara doggie print blouse though so that made me feel a little better). But this dupe is a size Small and isn't tight around the neck, which I find with a lot of button up blouses. Not sure if that's because I have a fat neck but I normally have to leave the top button undone if I want to be able to breathe! 

So again apologies for my very atypical blogger post! I'm currently also blogging for Her Campus Nottingham and my post has just gone up on - you guessed it! - animal prints! I've picked out my top five off the high street for this season so if you want to have a little looksie just click HERE.

Ps sorry about the really wonky top right hand photo, do not know what was going on there! x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review - Origins Super Spot Remover

I'm about to embark upon something I've never attempted before... a beauty product review! I'm one of those sorts of girls who wears the same make up everyday, and maybe adds a pair of eyelashes or a different coloured lipstick for a night out! I'm much more interested in clothes BUT I need to rave about this new little blemish treatment I've been using recently.

When I was younger I had quite bad acne, had to be on antibiotics and then eventually a horrible powerful drug that did clear my spots up, to a point! Apparently, this treatment I had completely eradicates spots in 90% of patients...and I was one of the 10% it didn't work fully on! So since then I still get the odd breakout and have been using numerous gels available in drugstores on the high street but they never really worked. However, this little (and it is teeeeny!) bottle is my best friend now!

When I see a blemish coming, I'll pop a little bit of this on (you don't need much!) over night, and sometimes even under all my make up (though it must be applied to clean skin) and let it work its magic. When I've left it on overnight, I wake up and all the horrible redness of a fresh spot has disappeared, I've just never used anything quite like it! When you apply, it does have a tightening sensation on the skin, which those of you who haven't used prescription acne treatments before might not be used to, but it's like you can feel it working instantly! And the smell is quite strong, but not unpleasant, I think that may be the witch hazel in it, but don't quote me on that!

Despite the bottle being small, it does last an extreeeemely long time, and being a little more expensive than your usual spot treatment you might think eeeeerrr, but I can guarantee it is totally worth the money for the benefits it has on your skin!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tribal Trousers

Trousers - H&M; Top - H&M; Shoes - Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters

Ok, so first off I really want to apologise for the quality of my pictures. Sadly, student houses are not known for their blank canvases, pretty wallpaper or good natural lighting, and this is pretty obvious in my pictures at the moment! Also I can't seem to keep my room tidy, but that's normal for a 21yr old student, right?!

Anyway, aside from that (and I really am sorry!!), I've been wanting to review these trousers for a while! I bought them in Scunthorpe H&M before I came back to university for...wait for it...£9.99! I know! So cheap, and they aren't poor quality either! I have to roll mine up a little because my titch 26-27" length legs mean it's kinda difficult for me to get trousers and jeans that fit without that horrible ruching that shouldn't be there, but I'm gonna have to live with it so at least rolling things up is a possibility! You probably all realise by now that I don't wear a lot of jewellery, and I think it'd be wrong to with this outfit, might make it look too much, I am actually wearing a large turquoise stone ring but in a simple oval design just for a bit of colour...and I didn't realise I was hiding it on the picture -.-! Oooops!

It's so nice to be able to BLOG AGAIN! I hope you all bear with me, I'll have lots more posts coming soon. Promise! :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Where I've Been

Just thought I'd do a quick post to apologise to anybody viewing my blog and seeing that it hasn't been updated in what social media terms is FOREVER. I got back to university a few weeks ago & I don't study anything fashion based so can't really run this alongside my studies all the time, and I didn't quite realise just how much work I'd have as a 3rd year. I have 6-7 timetabled hours in uni this year (a sheer drop from the 21 hours last semester) but despite this, I find I don't have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do - dissertations are time consuming things!

So yeah, I'm gonna be trying my absolute best to keep on top of my blog and will try and post really really soon. I post on Instagram as much as I can (my username is glcfc if you want to follow) and update my outfits most days!

Sorry again, & thank you to everyone who reads my posts :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Weekly Want No. 2

Another one of my posts where I sit and weep over the lovely things I can't afford! Here's what I love this week!

1. Miss Selfridge Baroque Jumper - I really love this baroque statement print that's around at the moment. Sometimes I think it can look a bit cheap but because this jumper is just in very neutral block colours, I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is. This is a definite snuggly uni chuck it on and go to lecture jumper!

2. Topshop Cat Slippers - I already have a pair of these in red from last winter's range but they are so worn out now, I couldn't bring myself to throw them away until I saw they're restocking in a range of different colours! My fave are the gold ones, but they also do leopard print and (I think!) black.

3. Missguided Pearl and Crystal Blouse - I have a little obsession for button up shirts at the moment, and I think this one would be perfect for a more formal occasion. I'd wear it either under a blazer with skinny jeans, or tucked into some disco pants for a night out :)

4. River Island Double Pocket Longline Vest - I really like this basic top, I just think nude goes with so much, and as we're heading into autumn winter with all the black and grey, this would lighten everything up a bit! I'm very tempted to get one to wear under a cardigan and my brown faux fur coat for when it gets chilly :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Not one of my usual photos unfortunately, as my tripod has been dropped off at my uni house, so just using Instagram pictures for any blog posts until I'm back at university next week! I bought this blazer from Next a few days ago after seeing it another store a few weeks back but it wasn't available in my size. Fortunately there was a size 8 left yaaaay, so I had to get it. It's a sort of jersey material classified as 'dalmatian print' but I think it's more leopard print personally! With it being jersey, it doesn't crease and is super comfy to wear, fab for when I'm sitting in lectures...or the library (nooo!)!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tweed & Sparkle

Top - Zara; Jacket - Topshop; Shoes - Primark

Went out for dinner tonight but didn't want to be too dressed up, so I went with my trusty black jeans and this Zara top that I bought in Spain. It's a boucle tweed sort of material, with a black embroidered chain detail around the neck and on the pockets, and a sheer section of material at the bottom. I believe it is sold out online, but is available in the UK in stores I'm sure :) I don't normally wear all black and grey so felt a bit mawky tonight (I think that's a Lincolnshire word sorry!), what I mean is I felt a bit dark and grungy which is definitely not my usual sort of style! I do like just wearing basic colours every now and again though, but a bit more at home in a nice print! Also wearing my lovely new Primark slippers, they're studded all over with little spikes and only cost £12, which may be a bit more pricey for Primark, but there is so much detail in them for such a cheap price!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Studded Jumper

 Jumper - Missguided; Jeans - New Look; Shoes - Topshop

While I was away in Spain I got a huuge delivery of clothes and this was among them. It's a lovely cream chunky knit jumper by Missguided with pretty studded detail on the shoulders. I've never really been a jumper person, for years I've bought so many cardigans but jumpers are sooo much easier for when you're at uni and you need to throw something on at the last minute. This one is probably going to be my fave this year, it's really comfy and I like the 3/4 length sleeves. Also it doesn't drown me like many oversized style jumpers do! I got this in a size S/M and I'm a size 6-8 so you can get an idea of the size! I'm pretty sure it's handwash only because of the studs but I don't care 'cause it's definitely worth it! Just need a nice pair of winter boots to go with it now - shopaholicccccc ;)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dahlia Blouse Giveaway

I've just spotted today that the lovely people at Dahlia are doing a fab giveaway where you can win 2 really cute blouses. Collar detail is all in this season and you should definitely enter, but be quick! There's only a few days left!

Click HERE and 'like' Dahlia on Facebook to enter!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sunny Afternoon

 Jeans - Topshop; Top - Jovonnista; Belt - ASOS; Watch - ASOS

Finally returning to posting after my lovely holiday on the south coast of Spain. I got an actual natural tan for the first time since I was a bambino so I'm very excited to show it off now I'm home! The weather is actually quite nice here today so I decided to wear my new pale lilac Topshop jeans for the first time. I bought these at the beginning of the 'summer' but due to the horrible rain and cloud I never wore them. I teamed them with this floaty grey leopard print tee style blouse by Jovonnista. I absolutely love Jovonna and Jovonnista clothing, they do some really classy pieces, like my lovely blue blazer that I have lived in for years (and will no doubt feature in an outfit post sometime!). It's all thanks to the lovely Pixie Lott that I found this brand, after tracking down lots of clothes that she wore when promoting her debut album. I'm also wearing my new 'boyfriend' watch from ASOS. I decided on a rose gold colour instead of bright gold as I think it'll look a lot nicer set against a lot of the pastel coloured clothes I've got at the moment! 

I have loads of new clothes to blog about (got a maaaaajor deliv while I was away - was just like Christmas when I got home!) and will be posting a lot more on my return to uni, not far away now! :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012


 Jacket - Primark; Top - Topshop; Jeans - New Look

Went out for a casual dinner tonight to a little Italian restaurant in town (if you've seen my Tweets you'll know I'm a bit obsessed with antipasti - could live on it for the rest of my life!). We also strangely did sambuca shots at the end of the meal, don't know where that idea came from!
 Didn't want to be too dressed up so just wore my new BARGAIN boucle jacket from Primark (a tenner and it looks so much more!), a black sleeveless peplum top from Topshop and my fave New Look jeans! I never used to be able to find jeans I really liked due to my weirdly proportioned body but these New Look ones are amazing, they're so comfy! I think they're the 'supersoft superskinny' ones, and this colour is my favourite, I think it makes your legs look sooo much slimmer!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Weekly Want No. 1

Done a little post one some things I have my eye on/have bought this week! I'll try and do these as often as possible, as much as I know I'll never afford everything I write about (sob!). I've added clickable links on all the items that have online shopping links!

1. Blazer with button detail - Never Fully Dressed. LOVE this blazer, the detail on the back is so cute and it's nicely oversized which is a must in a blazer in my opinion! They do a version in magenta with buttons down one side of the front too which I also reeeeally like!

2. Clutch bag - Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I can't find this on the website! The image appeared in the DP email newsletter I was sent this morning and straightaway I went on the site to find it but can't! I hope it comes in to stock soon because I think the pattern is so pretty. I know it won't go with many colours apart from neutrals but I reeeeally want one!

3. Studded Pumps by Deena & Ozzy - Urban Outfitters. I caved and ordered these last night after I asked my mum's opinion, and she liked them too! I'm bored of wearing flat shoes in the daytime everyday so I'm going to try these out, think they may look a little more elegant than my usual flatties on my short legs!

4. Studded Jumper - Missguided. I saw this style of jumper in Topshop at first but then discovered on Missguided that they had some very similar a bit cheaper. I like a nice snuggly jumper in the winter at uni when we can't afford to have our heating on all the time and the studs on the shoulders make it a bit more interesting.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Union Nights

Top - Topshop; Skirt - Topshop

So I promised another outfit post yesterday & here it is! The photo is such poor quality as I had about 2 minutes to get a half decent shot so I apologise for that :) I wore a full Topshop outfit with Dorothy Perkins courts. We went out to Lincoln to get a bit drunk last night and I managed to get through the whole night in these shoes again, they are a saviour, never known heels so comfortable!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Cardigan - New Look; Shirt - Topshop

Haven't blogged in aaaaages cause I've been busy elsewhere recently! Went to Croydon at the weekend to say goodbye to Andy, one of my lovely uni friends who I'll miss so much, and just generally been shopping etc! But most probably going to do 2 outfit posts today as I'm going out tonight to say goodbye to another friend who's leaving for a new job. HATE goodbyes! 

This shirt is probably one of my favourites at the moment, the print is so cute, and I'll probably wear it in the winter even though it's got ice creams on :) the cardigan is sooo cosy though it's actually quite warm today so I prob won't need it!

Also as I'm writing this I'm quite glad my photo cuts off my feet, got my catty slippers on! Ooops!
Going on my hol next week so expect pics galore when I'm back, bought quite a lot of new clothes! ;)