Thursday, 22 November 2012

Weekly Want No. 3

Haven't done a wishlist in soooo long! So here goes....

1. Zara Printed Blouse with Studs - I bought this last night after finally finding out where it was from! I saw a girl wearing it in a pic on Instagram and she made it look so classy, so I hunted it down and found it in Zara! You can't see from the picture but there are little gold studs on the shoulders :) really hoping the dipped neck isn't too low, not a fan of the boney chest look!

2. Internacionale Charcoal Texture Blazer - This looks sooo much like the River Island grey blazer that I bought but was too big for me so had to return! Really want it to come instore (yes I have already checked haha!) so I can try it on because I really need a grey blazer. I think they go with so much and I'm missing one in my wardrobe after my last one went bobbly through excessive wear! If not, I'll just order off the website as Internacionale often have free deliv! Wooooooo!

3. H&M Peter Pan Beaded Collar - This is now out of stock sadly, but I've seen quite a few kicking around on eBay. I've been looking for a nice collar for ages to wear over my jumpers but haven't found a really nice one yet. I like this one because the white would compliment most fabric shades and I'm a sucker for sparkle! 

4. River Island Cream Cat Face Makeup Bag - Not letting this post go without a cat mention (missing my catties so much while I'm at uni - only 3ish weeks til I see the little rascals now!). I think I might need this makeup bag in my life, IT'S SO CUTE! I told my mum the other day, that there's no way I'm going to grow up out of my animal loving, soft toy loving, anything cute and animal related loving phase, so I'm seriously considering purchasing this little cutie! They also do a dog version, but for me it's aaaaaaaaaaall about the cats!

I've made everything I know is available online into clickable links if you're interested :)

Ps. I have also written a new blog post for Her Campus Nottingham on the best leather sleeved coats on the high street - take a look HERE.


  1. i need that collar in my life - i saw it in the hm near me, tried it on loved it but thought 15 quid was a bit steep so didnt buy it - got home, decided i actually loved it and would be a statement piece and was gutted when i saw it was out of stock online - i need to go back and hope they still have them in store! - hope you find one too!


    1. i did exactly the same! and it's now selling on ebay for about double the price! :( definitely going on a hunt around h&m soon! i can't find one as nice anywhere else! xx