Sunday, 4 November 2012

I Never Wear Green...

 Top - Topshop; Skirt - Olive; Boots - eBay; Nails - Rimmel 60 Seconds in 260 Funtime Fuschia

You can guess from the title what colour I've got on in this blog post, yeaaaah greeeeen! Looking in my wardrobe right now, I have a green dressy dress and a mint green blouse and that is about it! Despite green being a pretty colour (in some shades, not too sure about lime and neons on me!) I just tend to buy grey, cream, navy etc so when I spotted this, I did a naughty impulse buy because I thought the style and the material was sooo nice. It's a Topshop 'peter-pan' style sleeveless top with a lace effect print, which despite the word lace being used to describe, isn't at all see through. It's quite a sturdy material for its price in Topshop too, maybe not so practical for winter but I'll wear it under cardigans and coats and scarves etc, and I suppose it could be worn for nights out too.

I teamed it with a new skirt I bought from Olive (who I was introduced to by reading the beautiful Olivia's blog - you HAVE to read it if you don't already!). I have to rave about this skirt, it was £7 and it is such good material for that money, it's not super flimsy or whatever, in fact it's cheaper than a thinner Primark skirt  that I have, I absolutely LOVE it! I know I'll be able to dress it up or down with so many things and I'm really excited about it, if you hadn't guessed already! I'm tempted to buy it in other colours but I just think the black is so versatile (and I also bought this boucle style skirt too so I'm out of pennies for the moment! Oops!!) But definitely check Olive out, their dresses are absolutely lovely and I keep browsing the knitwear, wishing......!

Ps. awful natural light again, so I did have to switch my light on for these piccies, sorry :(


  1. I'm a bit unsure of green too but this shade is lovely! Really pretty outfit, can't believe what a bargain that skirt was xxx

  2. Great outfit! We love the skater skirt!

  3. Wow your legs look endless, you look gorge!! X

  4. This shade suits you! the blouse is gorgeous! @cherrybombbtq

  5. The dark green really suits you! Now following via gfc would love for you to take a peek at my blog! :) xx