Tuesday, 30 October 2012


 Coat - Warehouse; Jumper - New Look; Skirt & Shoes - Topshop

Just got in from lectures and while I had a nice bit of light in my room quickly took some piccies for a new outfit post. I seem to be relapsing into my old fave black, grey and white combinations because of the weather, the things the cold does to you hey.
Bought this batwing grey jumper from New Look last week after much deliberation with my mum over which thin jumper would suit me best. I chose this but she chose another style - which I'm taking back! I like this one more because it's a bit longer (I know you can't see that here) and not really tight (hate restricting clothing in the winter!). It's got a gold thread woven into it, making it look a lot more seasonal than other grey jumpers. My coat is my fave Warehouse fur collar coat from last winter which I am going to wear to death, until it starts falling apart :)
Just written a list of clothes I'm going to buy this week, expect many more of these posts soon ;) - I definitely have a problem.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Not so SUN-day

 Top - eBay; Leggings - Topshop; Shoes - Topshop

Oh dear, the weather is just not working for me at the moment! I posted before about the appalling lighting in my student house, well, it's just got worse 'cause of the horrible grey cloudiness outside at the moment, which is why my pictures are horrendously pixelated today! Also, I don't have a DSLR to work with, I really want one though so it's going to take quite a bit of saving up at the moment, so I'm kinda stuck with my point and shoot Fuji thing, but as long as I can keep showing you what I wear I'm happy :).

This top is a dupe of the sought after Wildfox jumper. I saw it on the lovely Becky's blog and reeeeally wanted one cause I like the fact the sleeves are sort of flared at the ends and aren't full length, I think cropped sleeves are way more flattering (I know so on me anyway!). The jumper is a bit thin for winter but you can put a cardi or something on over the top. The version I have has a sort of lurex effect weaved into it making it all pretty and sparkly, kinda reminds me of Christmas, which as much as I love I am so not prepared for and hate thinking about it because it's close to exams and that means I have even more work to do and I can't really enjoy the festivities that much which makes me sad.....phew. Had to get that out my system! I'm not a scrooge though, promise you that!

Look like I'm about to moonwalk in the second picture hahaha.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Owl City (not that one)

Blouse - eBay; Disco Pants - Glamorous; Shoes - Primark

Okay, this is such a fashion blogger post, which I apologise for. Probably wearing the two most blogged about pieces of clothing this year - disco pants and the studded print blouse. The disco pants are by Glamorous, because I haven't yet been able to justify spending £70+ on an American Apparel pair, and these ones are so comfy! I was worried they'd dig in to my tum and be super tight on it, but they're really not. They sit nice AND have a bit of give - I wore them out to dinner and drinks, stuffed my face as much as I could and they still didn't dig therefore they are PERFECT!

The blouse is a Zara dupe I bought off eBay because I didn't manage to get my hands on the leopard/owl original Zara blouse which I was quite sad about (I did manage to get the official Zara doggie print blouse though so that made me feel a little better). But this dupe is a size Small and isn't tight around the neck, which I find with a lot of button up blouses. Not sure if that's because I have a fat neck but I normally have to leave the top button undone if I want to be able to breathe! 

So again apologies for my very atypical blogger post! I'm currently also blogging for Her Campus Nottingham and my post has just gone up on - you guessed it! - animal prints! I've picked out my top five off the high street for this season so if you want to have a little looksie just click HERE.

Ps sorry about the really wonky top right hand photo, do not know what was going on there! x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review - Origins Super Spot Remover

I'm about to embark upon something I've never attempted before... a beauty product review! I'm one of those sorts of girls who wears the same make up everyday, and maybe adds a pair of eyelashes or a different coloured lipstick for a night out! I'm much more interested in clothes BUT I need to rave about this new little blemish treatment I've been using recently.

When I was younger I had quite bad acne, had to be on antibiotics and then eventually a horrible powerful drug that did clear my spots up, to a point! Apparently, this treatment I had completely eradicates spots in 90% of patients...and I was one of the 10% it didn't work fully on! So since then I still get the odd breakout and have been using numerous gels available in drugstores on the high street but they never really worked. However, this little (and it is teeeeny!) bottle is my best friend now!

When I see a blemish coming, I'll pop a little bit of this on (you don't need much!) over night, and sometimes even under all my make up (though it must be applied to clean skin) and let it work its magic. When I've left it on overnight, I wake up and all the horrible redness of a fresh spot has disappeared, I've just never used anything quite like it! When you apply, it does have a tightening sensation on the skin, which those of you who haven't used prescription acne treatments before might not be used to, but it's like you can feel it working instantly! And the smell is quite strong, but not unpleasant, I think that may be the witch hazel in it, but don't quote me on that!

Despite the bottle being small, it does last an extreeeemely long time, and being a little more expensive than your usual spot treatment you might think eeeeerrr, but I can guarantee it is totally worth the money for the benefits it has on your skin!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tribal Trousers

Trousers - H&M; Top - H&M; Shoes - Deena & Ozzy at Urban Outfitters

Ok, so first off I really want to apologise for the quality of my pictures. Sadly, student houses are not known for their blank canvases, pretty wallpaper or good natural lighting, and this is pretty obvious in my pictures at the moment! Also I can't seem to keep my room tidy, but that's normal for a 21yr old student, right?!

Anyway, aside from that (and I really am sorry!!), I've been wanting to review these trousers for a while! I bought them in Scunthorpe H&M before I came back to university for...wait for it...£9.99! I know! So cheap, and they aren't poor quality either! I have to roll mine up a little because my titch 26-27" length legs mean it's kinda difficult for me to get trousers and jeans that fit without that horrible ruching that shouldn't be there, but I'm gonna have to live with it so at least rolling things up is a possibility! You probably all realise by now that I don't wear a lot of jewellery, and I think it'd be wrong to with this outfit, might make it look too much, I am actually wearing a large turquoise stone ring but in a simple oval design just for a bit of colour...and I didn't realise I was hiding it on the picture -.-! Oooops!

It's so nice to be able to BLOG AGAIN! I hope you all bear with me, I'll have lots more posts coming soon. Promise! :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Where I've Been

Just thought I'd do a quick post to apologise to anybody viewing my blog and seeing that it hasn't been updated in what social media terms is FOREVER. I got back to university a few weeks ago & I don't study anything fashion based so can't really run this alongside my studies all the time, and I didn't quite realise just how much work I'd have as a 3rd year. I have 6-7 timetabled hours in uni this year (a sheer drop from the 21 hours last semester) but despite this, I find I don't have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do - dissertations are time consuming things!

So yeah, I'm gonna be trying my absolute best to keep on top of my blog and will try and post really really soon. I post on Instagram as much as I can (my username is glcfc if you want to follow) and update my outfits most days!

Sorry again, & thank you to everyone who reads my posts :)