Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review - Origins Super Spot Remover

I'm about to embark upon something I've never attempted before... a beauty product review! I'm one of those sorts of girls who wears the same make up everyday, and maybe adds a pair of eyelashes or a different coloured lipstick for a night out! I'm much more interested in clothes BUT I need to rave about this new little blemish treatment I've been using recently.

When I was younger I had quite bad acne, had to be on antibiotics and then eventually a horrible powerful drug that did clear my spots up, to a point! Apparently, this treatment I had completely eradicates spots in 90% of patients...and I was one of the 10% it didn't work fully on! So since then I still get the odd breakout and have been using numerous gels available in drugstores on the high street but they never really worked. However, this little (and it is teeeeny!) bottle is my best friend now!

When I see a blemish coming, I'll pop a little bit of this on (you don't need much!) over night, and sometimes even under all my make up (though it must be applied to clean skin) and let it work its magic. When I've left it on overnight, I wake up and all the horrible redness of a fresh spot has disappeared, I've just never used anything quite like it! When you apply, it does have a tightening sensation on the skin, which those of you who haven't used prescription acne treatments before might not be used to, but it's like you can feel it working instantly! And the smell is quite strong, but not unpleasant, I think that may be the witch hazel in it, but don't quote me on that!

Despite the bottle being small, it does last an extreeeemely long time, and being a little more expensive than your usual spot treatment you might think eeeeerrr, but I can guarantee it is totally worth the money for the benefits it has on your skin!


  1. It's brilliant isn't it, I posted my review of this yesterday, I love this product, I will be repurchasing this until I have spot free skin!
    Now following :) xxx

  2. thanks hun! following you too! don't know where i'd be without this! x x x

  3. I've just bought this as I have acne that antibiotics just won't help. I got it with their zero oil cleanser too and am starting to see a little improvement, but I guess it takes time x


    1. i find it's best applied at night so it's definitely worth trying then! antibiotics didn't help me either so i was referred to a specialist! it sucks! :( hope it starts to work for you! xx

  4. thanks for sharing - must give it a go x

  5. i still haven't got round to using this yet! i really need to pick some up because it sounds like a miracle in a bottle.
    you have such a great blog, i've just started following, i've only been blogging for a couple of months too and i'm super impressed with yours.
    i love your little cat sign off thing, its so cute.
    also, how pretty are you mrs?! major envy.
    hope you're well.
    please pop over for a chat, you seem so lovely and i'd love to speak some more, hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

    1. aww such a sweet comment thanks! i'm a little bit cat obsessed you might notice that! started following your blog toooooo! just seen your kate moss matte collection post, been lusting after some of those for a while now so can't wait to have a proper read! :) xx