Sunday, 28 October 2012

Not so SUN-day

 Top - eBay; Leggings - Topshop; Shoes - Topshop

Oh dear, the weather is just not working for me at the moment! I posted before about the appalling lighting in my student house, well, it's just got worse 'cause of the horrible grey cloudiness outside at the moment, which is why my pictures are horrendously pixelated today! Also, I don't have a DSLR to work with, I really want one though so it's going to take quite a bit of saving up at the moment, so I'm kinda stuck with my point and shoot Fuji thing, but as long as I can keep showing you what I wear I'm happy :).

This top is a dupe of the sought after Wildfox jumper. I saw it on the lovely Becky's blog and reeeeally wanted one cause I like the fact the sleeves are sort of flared at the ends and aren't full length, I think cropped sleeves are way more flattering (I know so on me anyway!). The jumper is a bit thin for winter but you can put a cardi or something on over the top. The version I have has a sort of lurex effect weaved into it making it all pretty and sparkly, kinda reminds me of Christmas, which as much as I love I am so not prepared for and hate thinking about it because it's close to exams and that means I have even more work to do and I can't really enjoy the festivities that much which makes me sad.....phew. Had to get that out my system! I'm not a scrooge though, promise you that!

Look like I'm about to moonwalk in the second picture hahaha.

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