Friday, 31 August 2012

Weekly Want No. 1

Done a little post one some things I have my eye on/have bought this week! I'll try and do these as often as possible, as much as I know I'll never afford everything I write about (sob!). I've added clickable links on all the items that have online shopping links!

1. Blazer with button detail - Never Fully Dressed. LOVE this blazer, the detail on the back is so cute and it's nicely oversized which is a must in a blazer in my opinion! They do a version in magenta with buttons down one side of the front too which I also reeeeally like!

2. Clutch bag - Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I can't find this on the website! The image appeared in the DP email newsletter I was sent this morning and straightaway I went on the site to find it but can't! I hope it comes in to stock soon because I think the pattern is so pretty. I know it won't go with many colours apart from neutrals but I reeeeally want one!

3. Studded Pumps by Deena & Ozzy - Urban Outfitters. I caved and ordered these last night after I asked my mum's opinion, and she liked them too! I'm bored of wearing flat shoes in the daytime everyday so I'm going to try these out, think they may look a little more elegant than my usual flatties on my short legs!

4. Studded Jumper - Missguided. I saw this style of jumper in Topshop at first but then discovered on Missguided that they had some very similar a bit cheaper. I like a nice snuggly jumper in the winter at uni when we can't afford to have our heating on all the time and the studs on the shoulders make it a bit more interesting.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Union Nights

Top - Topshop; Skirt - Topshop

So I promised another outfit post yesterday & here it is! The photo is such poor quality as I had about 2 minutes to get a half decent shot so I apologise for that :) I wore a full Topshop outfit with Dorothy Perkins courts. We went out to Lincoln to get a bit drunk last night and I managed to get through the whole night in these shoes again, they are a saviour, never known heels so comfortable!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Cardigan - New Look; Shirt - Topshop

Haven't blogged in aaaaages cause I've been busy elsewhere recently! Went to Croydon at the weekend to say goodbye to Andy, one of my lovely uni friends who I'll miss so much, and just generally been shopping etc! But most probably going to do 2 outfit posts today as I'm going out tonight to say goodbye to another friend who's leaving for a new job. HATE goodbyes! 

This shirt is probably one of my favourites at the moment, the print is so cute, and I'll probably wear it in the winter even though it's got ice creams on :) the cardigan is sooo cosy though it's actually quite warm today so I prob won't need it!

Also as I'm writing this I'm quite glad my photo cuts off my feet, got my catty slippers on! Ooops!
Going on my hol next week so expect pics galore when I'm back, bought quite a lot of new clothes! ;)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bitta Bloglovin'

Signed up to Bloglovin' so if you use that to follow blogs, you can follow mine now too woooohoo! Will be posting new material soon! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

When the sun sets baby, on the avenue..

Jumper -Topshop; Leggings - H&M; Necklace - Miss Selfridge; Bangle - H&M; Shoes - Topshop

Ahh okay! So this is my first post with me in it! My photography skills leave a lot to be desired but I had to start somewhere, and I hope that my posts improve in time!

So today I've just got a day at home, and on the TV this morning a weather presenter said 'enjoy the weather!'. Errrrm, it's grey and raining outside?! So clothes reflecting this a little, bit on the wintery side for my liking in the middle of August. But they're so comfy and perfect for a day of staying inside all day!

I bought this Topshop jumper when I was shopping in Meadowhall the other day with my mum (who I think is tempted to buy one too!) It's a fine delicate knit but is so light and comfy and will be perfect for my days in the library in winter (scared to be a 3rd year next year!), where I just want to throw on anything and get out the house as early as possible. I'd probably add a belt if I wanted to smarten it up or wear it under a fitted coat. My leggings are just basic black ones from H&M, they're SO cheap so I stock up regularly, and they fit my short legs nicely instead of 'ruckling' up by the ankles (if you understand my weird terminology!). I put a gold duck necklace with the jumper and a gold bangle to make it a little less boring, and paired with my trusty Topshop Vectras. Literally do not know where I'd be without these shoes, they make a plain outfit look just that little bit cooler!

I don't tend to Photoshop imperfections out of my photographs, so apologies for example for the weird bite scar on my foot! Mosquitoes LOVE me, dreading Spain next month!

Would love to hear any feedback you have, any ideas on what you want me to review or what you'd like to see in my blog. Thanks :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

NEW Purchases!

So, not had the best of times recently, hence slow blog posts etc, and needed to cheer myself what better than lots of shopping trips (online and high street :)!)

I've wanted something with a dip hem for ages, they seem to be really feminine and flattering and spotted this lovely pleated skirt in Topshop in the sale rail - even better! It's coral coloured with a sort of shimmer and is really floaty which will be fab for my holiday! I'm going to team it with a white loose fitting satin vest and gold jewellery :) 

Also from the Topshop sale I got these 'Jewel Print Shorts' (bottom pair) which have a really cute gem print on them. They're high waisted so really flattering but sadly no belt loop (I love my belts!). Bit scared about wearing them as they are white, but will just have to pile on the fake tan for when I do!

The other shorts pictured are the much blogged about ZARA Pink Tweed Shorts. They have gold zip detailing and are pretty short!! Looking forward to wearing them on a night out though, managed to get these off eBay for a very good price considering they were a big hit in store.

Next I decided on another new skirt from Mango, which was also in the sale! It has a silver metallic snake effect on the front and a plain black jersey back with a full length zip. Metallics have been huge this season and I never really got into the trend, but I think this skirt can be dressed up in a very classy way, with some heels and a soft cream top.

Back to ZARA again, and this lovely cream peplum top with short sleeves. I have so many peplum tops, and most of them are sleeveless, so this was a little break from my normal style without venturing TOO far! It's actually really tight fitting, so maybe not the best for eating out in, but will look great for work or dressed up with some heels :)

And fiiiinally! A little bit of jewellery that I've bought. I'm obsessed with statement rings at the moment, and these two are perfect for setting off some of the items I've written about above. The ring on the left is from Dorothy Perkins, I got it in the sale but I've seen it in other shops for full price, so I don't know if that was an accident or just good luck! Its a sort of amber/caramel coloured stone surrounded by little diamontes and a gold metal shank. The ring on the right is H&M, and is in a lovely turquoise colour with a gold metal shank. It came with another gold ring which I wasn't keen on, but I would have been happy paying the full price just for this ring because it is lovely and will go with so many outfits!

Hopefully when I wear all my outfits I'll be able to post some pictures for you, might have to get mum to do it as we are lacking a full length mirror in our house! I know! I don't know how I'm coping, but when I get back to uni, I will be reunited with my lovely big mirror so posting will be a bit easier! 

Also still debating whether to purchase some Disco Pants or not! I'm so tempted, but scared they'll accentuate my ridiculously short legs! I might give them a try and let you know my opinion!