Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cat in the Hat

 Blouse - Monsoon; Leggings - H&M; Bag - Zara; Shoes - Topshop; Hat - Miss Selfridge

Since I started full time work I've found that I never have time to take blog photos which makes me really sad :(! I also managed to pick a flat to move into with awful natural light, hence my fuzzy pics (ARGH! I have such bad luck with places I move into and lighting!). Hopefully you can forgive me on this occasion! It's so dark outside because it's absolutely teeeeeming it down with rain, yuk! So onto my not entirely weather appropriate outfit! My blouse is a little Monsoon number. I bought it for my mum and I've seen soooo many of the girls at work wearing it that I just couldn't resist. It's a crepe material with a lovely red and black all over print. I've belted it at the waist as being so short it comes down to my knees when loose! I teamed it with black leggings, black slipper shoes and my new Miss Selfridge floppy hat which I loveeeee! It makes me feel a million times posher (I am not posh in the slightest!). Feel a bit like I'm a Made In Chelsea girl. I can only dream!

Hope you're all well and thank you for continuing to read my blog despite my MIA-ness. Lots of love! :)