Monday, 31 December 2012

Statement Necklaces 2012

1 - Primark
2- Forever 21
3 - Primark
4 - H&M
5 - Forever 21
6 - ZARA

This year I started wearing necklaces so much, I'm normally an earring sort of person so statement necklaces were really scary to me at first! But I'm glad I did start wearing them! This is my collection so far, I'm just waiting on another one from H&M that I've ordered which if you follow me on Instagram you'll see as soon as it hits my doorstep! Some of these necklaces were presents, and the others I bought myself. I haven't worn the bug one yet, I think it needs to go under a buttoned up collar shirt or something. My favourite is still the 'bloggers fave' Primark necklace in picture 3, it's so sparkly and makes a boring old jumper much more interesting!

As I'm writing this post I should probably say what my New Year's Resolution is...okay. Prepare yourselves. I am going to stop buying clothes. YEP. I said it. I was looking in my wardrobe(-s oops!) and they're full of lovely clothes I want to get more wear out of/have not even worn yet! And I really want to save some money up too, so I'm not going to make any unnecessary purchases for a while I decided. I will still post, with clothes that I have tucked away :) and about wishlists I have (they really will be wishlists now!). Wish me luck haha!

Have you got any New Year's Resolutions? Are you a statement necklace fan? :)


  1. Love this post and love your necklaces! No 3 looks gorgeous!!! X

  2. I love statement necklaces! NÂș 1 and 5 are beautiful!
    Great post :) x

  3. The necklaces are all gorgeous I really like #1

    Just followed your blog :D and would love you to take a look at mine if you get chance

    India-Robyn Jewel Beauty Blog

    1. hey hun, following now, your blog's gorge! :) look forward to reading more posts, and thanks for following me too :) xx

  4. Absolutely love this post :D i have number 3 too, good ol' Primarni

    Just stumbled across your blog through the #bbloggers hop and i'm your newest follower :D would love it if you'd stop by and take a little peek through mine -


    1. it's so nice isn't it! i just started following you today actually :) love your blog xxx