Friday, 31 August 2012

Weekly Want No. 1

Done a little post one some things I have my eye on/have bought this week! I'll try and do these as often as possible, as much as I know I'll never afford everything I write about (sob!). I've added clickable links on all the items that have online shopping links!

1. Blazer with button detail - Never Fully Dressed. LOVE this blazer, the detail on the back is so cute and it's nicely oversized which is a must in a blazer in my opinion! They do a version in magenta with buttons down one side of the front too which I also reeeeally like!

2. Clutch bag - Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I can't find this on the website! The image appeared in the DP email newsletter I was sent this morning and straightaway I went on the site to find it but can't! I hope it comes in to stock soon because I think the pattern is so pretty. I know it won't go with many colours apart from neutrals but I reeeeally want one!

3. Studded Pumps by Deena & Ozzy - Urban Outfitters. I caved and ordered these last night after I asked my mum's opinion, and she liked them too! I'm bored of wearing flat shoes in the daytime everyday so I'm going to try these out, think they may look a little more elegant than my usual flatties on my short legs!

4. Studded Jumper - Missguided. I saw this style of jumper in Topshop at first but then discovered on Missguided that they had some very similar a bit cheaper. I like a nice snuggly jumper in the winter at uni when we can't afford to have our heating on all the time and the studs on the shoulders make it a bit more interesting.

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