Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Cardigan - New Look; Shirt - Topshop

Haven't blogged in aaaaages cause I've been busy elsewhere recently! Went to Croydon at the weekend to say goodbye to Andy, one of my lovely uni friends who I'll miss so much, and just generally been shopping etc! But most probably going to do 2 outfit posts today as I'm going out tonight to say goodbye to another friend who's leaving for a new job. HATE goodbyes! 

This shirt is probably one of my favourites at the moment, the print is so cute, and I'll probably wear it in the winter even though it's got ice creams on :) the cardigan is sooo cosy though it's actually quite warm today so I prob won't need it!

Also as I'm writing this I'm quite glad my photo cuts off my feet, got my catty slippers on! Ooops!
Going on my hol next week so expect pics galore when I'm back, bought quite a lot of new clothes! ;)

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