Sunday, 31 May 2015

Flared Sleeves

Top - Zara; Jeans - Topshop; Shoes - Dorothy Perkins; Necklace - Zara (old); Bag - Dune 

Hi everyone, it's been a while! Back with a little outfit post, pictures are so much easier to take when it's approaching summertime - no avoiding the rain, wind etc. (well, less so than in winter anyway! *we love the British summertime!*)

The 70s trend is really popular at the moment, but flared trousers aren't the best for those of us who have been blessed with teeny short legs, so I've opted for a flared sleeve instead on this beautiful Zara blouse. It also has lace up detail at the side - hitting another trend on the head :). I styled it with blue Topshop jeans, nude heels and a Zara statement necklace. This outfit has become a desk-to-dinner go-to for me, so easy to wear and perfect for those in-between spring and summer evenings :)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Review: Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil

Like most other people I know, I love a good brow. I don't know how I used to not fill them with anything - I feel bare without a defined arch in my life! I normally use a brush and a powder to do my eyebrows, but I've picked up on a number of blogger girls using the Soap and Glory Archery Brow products for a more natural look. I chose the Tint and Pencil combination over the Pencil and Brush (intrigued by this tint business!) in the shade Brownie Points. 
My brows 'before' are quite dark and natural shaped anyway, but the light coverage of this pencil means I can build up to my desired colour easily, without going overboard (no furry slugs around here!). I used the pencil all over the brow first, and used the more pigmented tint in the mid to end area. I always fix my brows with a clear gel, brushing the hairs up a little so that they don't look too perfect, we like a bit of 'au naturale'! Overall, I'm quite impressed with my first dip into Soap and Glory cosmetics, will definitely be trying some more out :)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Review: Masterchef Restaurant & Bar

On Saturday 4th October, my mum travelled down from Lincoln to visit me ready for our trip to the Masterchef Restaurant and Bar for brunch, something we had both been looking forward to for a couple of months. As we arrived at the Blue Fin Building in perfect time for our 11.30am sitting, I spotted a group of people outside smoking in chef’s whites, and while not giving off the best first impressions, I thought to myself perhaps it isn’t from the Masterchef restaurant. 

We were greeted with a warm welcome from the staff and shown to our table. The much hyped views of London from the building were a let down, as we were sat behind a partition to a staircase and couldn’t see out of any windows! Ross, our waiter, gave us our menus and couple of minutes to peruse – it could have taken a few seconds really. There was granola & yoghurt to start accompanied by fresh fruit and then a choice of either Jack’s ‘Maple Syrup and Bacon Pancakes’ or Natalie’s ‘Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg with Caviar’. My mum ordered a coffee and I ordered the freshly squeezed orange juice (£4.50 on the menu – but offered as complimentary – which we found strange, perhaps a way of keeping us sweet), and as we did my mum asked ‘Where’s Ping then?’ (the third chef who was supposed to be cooking for us) and we asked ‘Is she squeezing the oranges?’ to which the reply was ‘The chefs won’t be on site for another hour’. A great start, as we, and I expect the vast majority of the other diners, had booked especially for the chefs, and we had booked under the premise that they would be cooking for us, as advertised by the restaurant’s website. 

We made our orders (one pancake and one salmon) and heard the customers on the next table complaining about exactly the same thing. After speaking to them, it seems we weren’t the first to be disappointed, with some customers even getting up and leaving without eating. I have to say, those that did, didn’t really miss out on the food. The granola and fresh fruit was something even a five year old could whip together, with the fruit being served in a weird ramekin that looked like an old cat food tin. Then the ‘main’ course of brunch arrived, mine a few pancakes with some burnt streaky bacon slapped on top, and my mum’s two anaemic looking muffins with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, dotted with some lumpfish roe. I wasn’t expecting Beluga, but honestly, it was nothing special, nothing that couldn’t have been made at home in your pyjamas while sat in front of the television. At £20 a head for food like this, you’d expect the atmosphere to be special, but it wasn’t. A very clinical looking restaurant with mis-matched chairs, reminiscent of your average work canteen. No background music, not even a bubbly chatty atmosphere. It was all bland to say the least. 

As Ross approached to clear our not-so empty plates, you could tell he was ready to hear more disappointed tales in his body language. We explained that we were annoyed at the fact that we were sold this meal under the impression that we would be cooked for by our favourite Masterchef contestants, and not by his service, which I have to say was excellent, a very lovely and efficient waiter. He spoke to Tina, who I assume was the manager of the event, who said that we could have a glass of champagne on the house and apologised for the experience. We refused the champagne, just wanting to leave the restaurant as soon as we could, as our precious weekend time could have been better spent in Zara in Sloane Square. 

On leaving the restaurant, we gave a generous tip to Ross explaining that we wanted to show our gratitude to those who worked hard to make our meal enjoyable and those who unfortunately were on the receiving end of all of the complaints when they should have had some support from the organisers in such situations. All I can say is, thank goodness we had booked Cote Brasserie for dinner in the evening! 

In future, I’m not going to stop watching Masterchef because of this terrible experience, but I will never spend any money on anything Masterchef related or visit one of these ‘pop-up’ resaturants again when I could go to The Criterion and enjoy a champagne afternoon tea with delicious food for around the same price. 

Friday, 8 August 2014


Tee - Whistles

I had a bit of a revelation this week, while watching one of Anna's (of Vivianna Does Makeup) videos - I realised I am in dire need of a wardrobe cleanse! So this weekend, I'm setting about streamlining my wardrobe, getting rid of the old and (hopefully) making way for the new! I'm really loving the classic tee and jeans combo, laid back but still polished and feminine. This Whistles tee has caught my eye, the material looks lovely and soft, and although I've never been one for a slogan, this isn't tacky or cringeworthy! Definitely one to pair with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pair of heeled sandals or boots!

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Blouse - Karen Millen

How b-e-autiful is this Karen Millen top?! I've been sitting on the sofa feeling like poop all weekend and have had lots of time to browse online sales that I might not look at normally. I never ever go in Karen Millen, but thought I'd have a look at what goodies they were offering in their markdown section. And here I found this lovely little lace blouse, which would look perfect dressed down at the weekend or up for dinner/drinks. I loveeee it. And what's even better is that it's HALF PRICE! Hurrah!

Monday, 30 June 2014


Mules - New Look 

Finally finally finally, I have managed to get my mitts on a pair of mules. I said to my mum that I wouldn't fall into this trend but they have grown on me and now find themselves on my feet! I wanted a really simple black pair with a heel that was walkable in and look what I found sitting on a shelf in New Look, these babies! I love them, they're so comfy and make any outfit instantly look more glam. And the best part? The price - £19.99. I know they're not leather but I really could not say no. LOVE.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Flat Iron, Soho

When my mum was staying with me for the Summertime Ball, we took a little trip down to Oxford Street for some shopping, followed by a delish steak at a teeny tiny restaurant that I have not even noticed before on Beak Street. Flat Iron started out as a pop up, but has established itself as one of the best places in central London for a lovely bit of beef. 
My mum and I went at around 6pm on Sunday evening, and were seated straight away (at busy times prepare for a bit of a wait - builds the appetite!). The waiter brought us a complimentary cup of popcorn while we decided on what to order. The menu is an extremely limited one, more so as there wasn't a special on when we visited, however, we had come here for the main event so we weren't annoyed by this at all! My brother had been before and said that the waiters suggest that you have your steak cooked medium-rare. As a medium girl myself, I stuck to my roots and the steak was perfectly cooked for me, I could even have had it a little rarer, can't beat a really juicy steak! We ordered a portion of creamed spinach and a portion of chips between us, and along with the house salads was just the right amount for the two of us (we have very little stomachs and don't eat big portions, so if you're a big eater, order sides for yourself rather than to share!). I had to order a sauce to go with my steak, and chose the peppercorn, which was lovely and spicy and creamy! 
They also have a nice list of wines and fizz and a little something which I loved, a soft drinks menu that doesn't include your usual coca cola. This one had dandelion and burdock, rose lemonade and ginger beer - a little bit different which makes Flat Iron stand out even more. We passed on the pud (I KNOW!), I can't remember what it was however, something with salted caramel I think, but I assume the puddings differ from visit to visit. If you're visiting London/live here, I would thoroughly recommend a trip here, such a nice change from all the surrounding chain restaurants, lovely food and lovely service :)