Saturday, 10 August 2013

High Tea

 Dress - Missguided; Shoes - Primark

I have NEVER found a crossover front dress that actually stays relatively crossed over on me until this Missguided one! Normally there's a huge gape of material showing off a lot of bra, so much so that I have to pin or stitch the front of the dress so that it looks normal! But this dress is tight enough to fit me perfectly. I'm not normally a skater dress kinda girl (love my bodycon too much!) but as I'm starting a full time job soon, I thought I should get something a little more demure. Though saying that, this dress is very short (and I'm only 5ft 4, so tall girls be careful!). I paired the dress with flatforms though I think a lighter colour would be more flattering for the day time. I'd probably wear this dress with an embellished but not too fancy sandal, as I think the floral print does all the talking. My new favourite dress!


  1. This is such a cute dress, it looks lovely on you!

  2. Love this outfit :) But might have to steer clear of this dress if it's that short and I'm 5 ft 8! x

  3. Ah this is so lovely, pretty dress!x