Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Products I Love ♥

I don't normally do posts like this, as I tend to wear the same make up each day and prefer to spend the majority of my money on clothes and accessories. I thought this post would make a nice change and give you a little insight into my favourite products around at the mo!

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls Constructing Spray 
I love this little bottle of miracles! Recently, because I don't have any layers in my hair at the moment and my hair is SO thick and heavy and naturally frizzy, I've found curling my hair a problem! As soon as I went outside after curling, the curls would drop leaving me with horrible wavy kinks at the ends of my hair, despite using a lot of hairspray! So I decided, curl prep was required, and so I found this in my local Boots. You spray it on each section of hair before you curl, wait for the hair to dry, and curl as normal. Now my curls stay in pretty well even if it's a bit windy, hooray for Trev!

MUA Pro Brow Eyebrow Kit 
I used to fill my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil but I found the colour didn't really last very long and sometimes I'd be a bit heavy handed and have to wipe off excess colour a lot (I'm not a great fan of the Scouse Brow look!). I picked up this MUA kit which has 3 brown shades, a light, medium and dark and the medium is perfect for my eyebrows for everyday. The powder lasts me all day, however if I go out in the evening I would definitely have to reapply. The wax is also pretty good, but I find that it runs out a long time before the powders do, which is a shame!

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
I have very oily skin, which makes wearing moisturiser, primer and then foundation a nightmare, especially in the summer. I detest moisturisers that make my skin even more greasy than it already is, so this mattifying day cream is perfect. It gives me a nice oil-free base to apply primer and foundation on to, although I have to apply powder continuously throughout the day to keep the shine at bay! Hopefully it'll work as well when the sun hopefully puts his hat on!

MUA Lipsticks in Shade 7 and Shade 14 
My favourite lipstick ever is the MAC Costa Chic Lustre lipstick which I find incredibly hard to find anywhere! It's a much softer shade than the Frost Costa Chic that's being sold currently, so I've been trying so hard to find a dupe for it. I heard that MUA sold lippies for ONE WHOLE ENGLISH POUND, so I had to investigate, and this is where I found Shade 7. It's very very similar to my coveted Costa Chic Lustre and for a pound I couldn't resist. I find these lipsticks do dry my lips a little, so I normally apply Vaseline over the top so the colour looks a lot more smooth.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base Primer
I don't actually use this primer as a primer, I tend to use it to highlight my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. It gives a beautiful dewy finish to the skin and looks very fresh and natural, unlike the horrible glittery highlighters which I cannot stand. A classic understated look is much softer and nicer, and this primer ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed my little(-ish!) ramble about these products! Are there any bargain products you're loving that I should look out for?

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