Saturday, 2 March 2013

Weekly Want - The Sugarhill Boutique Edit

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I'm putting myself on another silly spending ban so just looking at clothes from afar and wishing they were in my wardrobe. This post is in no way linked with Sugarhill Boutique, I just seem to want all of their latest collection! I saw Sam Faiers from TOWIE wearing the lighthouse print blouse and fell in love a little....with the blouse...obvs! I already have exactly the same style of blouse in the carousel print from last year but I love the pastel blue/lilac colour of this one. The same with the dress, the mint colour is perfect for spring and the cute milkshake print makes it. As you can see, I just like cutesy prints, and the ladybird blouse and bee print jumper are animal print so I was always going to pick those out as faves! My favourite piece is probably the birdcage print playsuit though, the keyhole neck and button up front are so lovely and it could definitely be worn in the day or on a night out/for dinner etc. Basically, I want it all. As I said, silly spending ban.
Are you liking the new Sugarhill Boutique range? What's your fave piece?


  1. Ahhh, I have to buy everything on this wishlist - you have such a good eye for fashion!

  2. aww thank you! i'm such a sucker for a cute print! online shopping is bad for my soul haha! xx