Thursday, 28 February 2013

Returning (& Replacing!) Haul

I went shopping, again! As I said in my last post, here is my haul from where I should have been returning things, but then bought a lot more! I was actually well behaved though, there were things I saw that I really liked but sternly told myself NO & came home with more money than I went out with (phew!).
I ordered the jumper online from Never Fully Dressed via ASOS Marketplace in their 50% one day only Spring Fling event. I've had my eye on it for months and when I saw it was only £17 I couldn't resist. I love the leather collar and the chunky but open style knit, and it'll look good with high waisted jeans or a skirt. 
I said in my last haul how much I was loving Primark at the moment, and I bought another blouse! This time I got a navy polka dot sheer blouse with gold buttons. I like the fact this blouse has no collar embellishment and it's really similar to a blouse by Monki that I've seen a lot of people wearing recently, but around half the price! The stripe blouse is actually a New Look teen's top! I really liked the peach coloured stripes and I was really worried I wouldn't be able to fasten the top button because it's an age 14 but it's fine, I love gold buttons too (you might have noticed!). The pastel blouse was from H&M (where this week there's 20% UniDays discount!) where I had to restrain myself because there seems to be so many nice things in there! I bought this blouse for summer because all my blouses seem to be long sleeve and I had a panic thinking I wouldn't be able to wear them when it gets a bit warmer! 
And finally, there's my new babies. I actually bought the fox cushion on Oxford Street after putting the owl down, but I saw it again today and they have to be a pair don't they? They look so happy together, that's what I tell myself to soothe the pain in my purse anyway!


  1. love the jumper with the collar!

    1. thank you! it's sooo lovely. never fully dressed do some gorgeous bits! xx