Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Faux Fur

 Coat - Topshop; Fur Stole - H&M; Blouse - Missguided; Jeans - Topshop; Shoes - Primark

Hey everyone, I know it's been ages since I did an outfit post so here's a little something for you :) I was going to do some outdoor photos while I'm home, but as it's F-ERRREEZING at the mo, I'm remaining inside for a little while!
This is the sort of outfit I normally wear for uni, a little overdressed I know, but why not? :) I bought this Topshop coat off eBay last autumn and layered it with my H&M fur stole (which I bought well over a year ago and never wore because I was scared people would laugh at me - I'm a lot braver with my fashion these days!). Underneath, I'm wearing an embellished collar blouse from Missguided and my favourite Topshop Joni Jeans...although I can never ever get away from the knee-ruching - damn my extremely short legs! Lastly, my lovely shoes are from Primark. Pretty sure they still have really similar styles of these in now for around £10. 
I've got a few new outfit posts lined up for next week too :) trying to get back into the swing while I'm home and have a little bit of time to take photos!

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  1. cute outfit :) do you want to follow each other ;)?