Monday, 11 February 2013

Blouses & Necklaces of February

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If you follow my Instagram, you'll know I love my necklaces and blouses. They smarten up an outfit instantly and can be layered and worn whatever the occasion. I tend to wear blouses a lot, I just find t-shirts don't really suit me and I really only wear them in the house or on holiday but if I'm going out anywhere (even lectures!) I like to make an effort with what I wear :).

I've had my eye on the dalmatian print blouse for ages now but I couldn't find it in my local H&M so think I'll have to bite the bullet and order online, although it'll get delivered to my home rather than my uni house and I won't be able to wear it (cue breakdown and endless sobbing!) I also discovered the Oasis cat blouse yesterday, cats and polka dots...nothing better & the added bonus of a peter pan style collar which I loveee! The Zara blouse is quite basic but I like the braiding on the shoulders and the collarless style which I don't normally go for but would make a nice change!
Necklace-wise, I'm sure most people would tell me I have too many! But I couldn't resist these ones when I saw them. I love the turquoise colour of the Forever 21 necklace, I'd wear it with the Zara blouse to liven up the plain collar a bit. The animal charm necklace is sooo cute, I love the colour of the metal and the little animals dangling off but I'm a bit wary of the length, so I'd have to try it on first I think. And the Miss Selfridge cream and gold necklace is really similar in style to the Topshop one I featured in my last wishlist, but the neutral colours might make it easier to wear with more clothes :)

Sorry about the lack of outfit posts recently, I don't want people to see my face at the moment (horrible red sore nose!) so I'm avoiding them like the plague. When I'm all better which should be really soon, I'll be back on them!

Hope you liked my choices! Are there any you would buy? 

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  1. Loooveee collared shirts and statement necklaces! I'm on the hunt for some cool printed shirts! X