Friday, 17 August 2012

When the sun sets baby, on the avenue..

Jumper -Topshop; Leggings - H&M; Necklace - Miss Selfridge; Bangle - H&M; Shoes - Topshop

Ahh okay! So this is my first post with me in it! My photography skills leave a lot to be desired but I had to start somewhere, and I hope that my posts improve in time!

So today I've just got a day at home, and on the TV this morning a weather presenter said 'enjoy the weather!'. Errrrm, it's grey and raining outside?! So clothes reflecting this a little, bit on the wintery side for my liking in the middle of August. But they're so comfy and perfect for a day of staying inside all day!

I bought this Topshop jumper when I was shopping in Meadowhall the other day with my mum (who I think is tempted to buy one too!) It's a fine delicate knit but is so light and comfy and will be perfect for my days in the library in winter (scared to be a 3rd year next year!), where I just want to throw on anything and get out the house as early as possible. I'd probably add a belt if I wanted to smarten it up or wear it under a fitted coat. My leggings are just basic black ones from H&M, they're SO cheap so I stock up regularly, and they fit my short legs nicely instead of 'ruckling' up by the ankles (if you understand my weird terminology!). I put a gold duck necklace with the jumper and a gold bangle to make it a little less boring, and paired with my trusty Topshop Vectras. Literally do not know where I'd be without these shoes, they make a plain outfit look just that little bit cooler!

I don't tend to Photoshop imperfections out of my photographs, so apologies for example for the weird bite scar on my foot! Mosquitoes LOVE me, dreading Spain next month!

Would love to hear any feedback you have, any ideas on what you want me to review or what you'd like to see in my blog. Thanks :)

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