Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Weekly Want No. 4

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So I'm mid final year of a Biochemistry degree exams at the moment, and also 16 days into my spending ban, and it's not untruthful to say...I'M HURTING! Normally I'd reward my good revision and hard work with a little online purchasey treaty gift, but not this year because I AM STICKING to my resolution (for the moment anyway!). Quite fortunate that it's my birthday next month so I may be allowed a little guilt free indulgence but until then I'm going to be good *dingggg - little halo appears above head*.

Anyway onto my lusting for this week, the Topshop blouse is driving me crazy! It looks so classy but so comfy and I really want it, it's nearly sold out, so I hope they restock it or bring it out in cream! The H&M blouse is also sooo nice, I really like scarf/geometric style prints and button up shirts are so versatile. The Miss Selfridge playsuit would look so cute for summer, maybe not at the moment (literally curling my toes up and the thought of the cold I'm about to walk through in a few minutes!). Put a little bit of jewellery in this post too, necklaces of course ;). The Forever 21 one reminds me of the Zara beaded necklace that was really popular last season, bit sad that it's in silver though, I think gold looks a little more expensive, and the Prince Puss necklace is amazing, I must must have it. It's from a really cute little website called Cheap Frills, and they also do a 'Lord Pug' style -  totally sold!

Hope all my readers are well, and can't wait to be back doing some outfit posts after exams. Until then, it's back to the lovely library I go!

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  1. The cat necklace and Topshop blouse are really nice! Good luck with your exam! xo