Sunday, 27 January 2013

Service is resumed...

Skirt - Topshop; Top - H&M; Shoes - Urban Outfitters; Necklace - Cheap Frills; Bracelets - New Look, H&M and Idollina

Finally I can get back to my blogging. After a stressful start to the year, January exams are over and I can go back to lectures! I practically live in the library through exam time and I haven't been anywhere but university campus or my house of late, so I'm really looking forward to going into town this week for a change of scene, and I need to catch up on what's in the shops and things like that!

I bought this little Topshop skirt off eBay. I've been looking for a camel coloured skirt for a while to dress down with black tights or wear bare legged on a night out, and I managed to get this one for about £6 which is a bargain. I like the leather belt detail with the little bow, means I can just throw it on and not think about wearing a belt because it's already there for me (sounds a little lazy, I know, oops). The necklace I'm wearing is the Prince Puss necklace I featured in my last wishlist, I couldn't resist. Though technically I've bought it as a birthday present, I couldn't help but try it on, and it..sort of...wouldn't come it had to stay there, haha I joke, but any excuse eh ;)

So glad the snow has finally gone and I can stop wearing wellies! Wooo! These shoes are by Deena & Ozzy, I bought mine from Urban Outfitters in the summer. They're just a plain suede ballet pump with a studded gold heel, and I thought they just made a change from completely flat shoes and look a little more dressy :)

Also very excited because I'm - hopefully - buying a new camera soon. Hopefully my picture quality will be a bit better in posts in the future :) *yaaay*

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