Sunday, 29 June 2014

Flat Iron, Soho

When my mum was staying with me for the Summertime Ball, we took a little trip down to Oxford Street for some shopping, followed by a delish steak at a teeny tiny restaurant that I have not even noticed before on Beak Street. Flat Iron started out as a pop up, but has established itself as one of the best places in central London for a lovely bit of beef. 
My mum and I went at around 6pm on Sunday evening, and were seated straight away (at busy times prepare for a bit of a wait - builds the appetite!). The waiter brought us a complimentary cup of popcorn while we decided on what to order. The menu is an extremely limited one, more so as there wasn't a special on when we visited, however, we had come here for the main event so we weren't annoyed by this at all! My brother had been before and said that the waiters suggest that you have your steak cooked medium-rare. As a medium girl myself, I stuck to my roots and the steak was perfectly cooked for me, I could even have had it a little rarer, can't beat a really juicy steak! We ordered a portion of creamed spinach and a portion of chips between us, and along with the house salads was just the right amount for the two of us (we have very little stomachs and don't eat big portions, so if you're a big eater, order sides for yourself rather than to share!). I had to order a sauce to go with my steak, and chose the peppercorn, which was lovely and spicy and creamy! 
They also have a nice list of wines and fizz and a little something which I loved, a soft drinks menu that doesn't include your usual coca cola. This one had dandelion and burdock, rose lemonade and ginger beer - a little bit different which makes Flat Iron stand out even more. We passed on the pud (I KNOW!), I can't remember what it was however, something with salted caramel I think, but I assume the puddings differ from visit to visit. If you're visiting London/live here, I would thoroughly recommend a trip here, such a nice change from all the surrounding chain restaurants, lovely food and lovely service :)

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